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This is the list of my disgusts and it will either be growing or shrinking. This all depends after a thorough analysis over a cup of teh tarik. Anyone can feel free to participate and that is with my consent. If you feel bad about this here’s a very good advise — Take a hike. Roll over and die.

0. RACIST to begin with.

1. A racist who thinks he/she got the whole world in his/her hand.

2. A weak leader who could not make a decision be it wise or not.

3. A weak leader who needs to be coached all of the time.

4. A weak leader who do not have the slightest idea of what is actually happening in his own country.

5. A weak leader who only knows how to make his subordinates more corrupt than ever.

6. A weak leader who has no back bone. First like this then like that. Make a decision then stick to it la bodoh. FLIP FLOP.

7. A weak leader who comes out on tv giving press statements trying to look intelligent but actually only bodoh comes out from his/her mouth.

8. An opportunist be it mother in law, granma in law, son in law or son in law’s mother.

9. A weak leader who do not know the correct way to speak english. Tak pergi sekolah ke? Kat sekolah dulu hang dok ngaji apakebenda?

10. Learned politicians who do not respect DYMMSPBYDA and Sultans. Take it or leave it as the Sultans are here to stay. Go make a republic at your own island. Buy an island and appoint yourself as the president.

11. A person who do not appreciate what the country has done for him/her.

12. A bugger who thinks that by wearing a SONGKOK would make him a lesser person. If you enter one’s house you have to follow the rules of the landlord. This rule any Year One pupil know one mah.. Why you so dumb one? If like this my kinder garden nephews won’t be following any rules like not to shit in the toilet but instead in their pants.

13. Racists who argues about “social contracts” and “ketuanan melayu” in a forum and thinks that their views are the most happening at the moment. Aha.. trying to see what’s the reaction from the Malays ya.. such cute devils you are especially all the learned lawyers who organized this event. You all have chosen the wrong path my dear learned lawyers.. you should instead become politicians too. yeah.. racist politicians. Oops wait seminit.. now let me see.. Lawyers know how to lie and politicians know how to lie too.. what a bargain.. having the same skills.. cool.

14. What is really happening to our beloved country? The list of bad karma never ends.. sodomy, lies, corruptions, gangsterisme, sodomised, c4 and the list goes on. I am in deep thought and what’s troubling me is that of who is the one who is directly gaining the upper hand in this fiasco. Should it be flip-flop the MAN himself? Is he a cesspool in the making?

15. I am really sick and tired with politicians who are not doing their job in managing the people who elected them but instead championing lost causes just to make sure that they are seen as champions. Deii.. kerja la lalala

16. Visitors who visited my blog a.k.a my domain and tries to give sick comments hahahaha as I have advised you from the beginning: here’s a very good advise for you and that is just roll over and die you sick puppy. This is my house and you will play by my rule. Please do not shit everywhere in my home do it in yours. If you fell intimidated by my views please be free to visit other websites that can cater your kinky taste.

17. It is strange to have your personal medical information leaking out like a sieve. Before this I thought that lawyers and politicians are the only scums of the earth but now doctors @ pusrawi too? So if you do not want your hairy butt and balls being exposed to the public DO NOT GO TO PUSRAWI (PUSAT RAWATAN ISLAM) for a medical checkup for sodomy because they do not have ethics and also there are too many kacang hantu there who like to make extra copies of your hairy butt and balls. And the worst thing is they have the nerve to use ISLAM as their assurance of profesionalism. BUGGER!

18. Woooo brothers and sisters check out this link HERE and enjoy the beauty of the language used by the majority of so-called Muslims who are like me hiding in the dark side of the internet (whatever that means hahahahaaa). I am indeed DISGUSTED but not angry because the more a person is educated the more complicated he/she will become or should I say BODOH?

19.  “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”. (2 Henry VI, 4.2.59), Butcher to Jack Cade. Hahahaahaha this is from Shakespeare the man himself. Ill intention is not a crime right? Same goes for a forum too concerning a religion that you do not profess but made into a boogieman for your own desire and lust perhaps?


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I do not like to be ordered.

When I’m ordered by blogspot to create a googlemail account that’s the last straw that broke the unta’s back. Why should I open a googlemail account. Why do they think blogspot is so precious to me when there are so many blogs account providers?

It’s the end of freedom when an organization dictates what you should and shouldn’t have.

So I think google can FCUK themselves.

I do not like to be ordered.